Books and Literature #12 The Art of War by Sun Tze and Lord of the Flies by William Golding

I've sold the first book this afternoon and the other one might be happening soon should the deal is successfully negotiated before the commencement of resting day for the post office. Still in the process of ridding off my belongings and getting any purchase interest from potential buyers never fail to thrill me. Have you... Continue Reading →


Emotions and feelings are not to be averted from, yet I drawn positively toward moi in moment rational invigorates my essence.


Days ago I came across a personal website of a young girl who is currently a student of the Cambridge University. Saw she made her bucket list public and all of a sudden waves of nostalgic hit me. I used to read quite a number of others' bucket lists on the Internet in my 20s... Continue Reading →


Life is full of competing priorities which sometimes if not all the time makes it challenging trying to unite and blend them into something unique on its own. I have just sent a decline text to what seems like an awesome job opportunity to attend to some other matters that I've decided to place on... Continue Reading →


People might not tell you this but remember, you are way better than what the other person is offering. The best they can do is to back off so you may continue walking towards your unique path. You have the right values, the right attitudes, the right skills in your repertoire. These cannot be taken... Continue Reading →


The remaining of February will be quite an eventful one and I NEED a massive amount of Serendipity. Lots of packing, traveling back and forth, paper works and uncertainties involved along the process...fingers crossed everything will be smooth as silk. Mean time, I am reading these two books concurrently in hope for some doses of... Continue Reading →


Feeling distress or just want to lay in bed hoping your spirit will get back in shape on its own? That might happen but here are some activities you may considered in doing to brush that fleeting dip in your mood away. 1. Working out even if it is only for 10 minutes. 2. Count... Continue Reading →

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